You know your alphabet, but do you know your Greater Self ABCs?

As a positive psychology practitioner and self-admitted self-actualization junkie, I’ve spent the last few years immersed in studying “The Good Life” and incorporating “Happiness Habits” into my daily routine. I’ve noticed that: 1) it works; and 2) the more intentional and consistent I am with practice, the better I feel. I don’t just feel “good”, I feel alive. I feel connected. I feel joyful. I feel excited about life and possibility. I’m more comfortable in my own skin. I feel less stressed. I continue to grow into a greater version of myself every day. It’s this experience that inspired me to develop the ABCs to the Greater Self Inspirational Card Deck.

The ABCs to the Greater Self Inspirational Card Deck integrates positive psychology and resilience attributes with intentional activities to help you become your Best Self. The deck identifies 26 attributes ( 1 starting with each letter of the alphabet), briefly describes each attribute and its positive benefits associated with it on a card, and provides a couple of intentional activities you can do with the cards to further develop these qualities in yourself and raise your vibration.

Here’s an example of an attribute card I think has incredible value anytime, anywhere, and under any condition (but especially now!):

The “I –BE INTENTIONAL” card reads:

“You know what you like, know what you want, know what makes you happy, and what things and people drain you energy. This knowledge is power IF you choose to live intentionally. This means thinking, acting, and continuously choosing to live in alignment with your knowledge of self. It is easy to take the backseat in life, there are so many people who live unconsciously. These same people look at you and wonder how you go so lucky to live the life of your dreams. But you know it’s not just luck; it”s because you’ve committed to living intentionally. How can you be more intentional today?

I’ve made it a priority to be intentional in all areas of my life. At work, I actively engage in the mindset, stress mastery and energy management tools I’ve learned in order to not burn out. Socially, I’m very intentional about the company I keep and activities I immerse myself in- giving priority to those people and things that make me feel loved, truly alive and in flow. And this COVID-19 pandemic? It’s definitely forced me to be more intentional- specifically with my social media diet.

I love the quote “Your diet is not only what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around. Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically”. It’s my mantra these days.

Being intentional during COVID-19 for me has meant being very intentional about the news and social media content I both absorb and share. There is a lot of negativity, conspiracy theories, and misinformation that is constantly being posted on FB, Instagram, YouTube, etc from non-credible sources that is feeding into global fear, stress, and panic. I intentionally choose to hide these sources of information from my social media. Instead, I actively seek out positive stories to share, such as the alcohol distillery that started producing hand sanitizer for the masses in midst of the shortage, the church who used its tyths to purchase laptops for students in a low income school so that they can participate in virtual schooling during the pandemic, or I share a funny COVID-19 meme that makes people smile. I continue to engage in my gratitude practice, posting something I’m grateful for each day in the 365 Day of Gratitude Group I run on FB. I also repeatedly ask my friends and family, “What’s good?”. That one question encourages them to focus on the positive which helps spread joy, gratitude, and connection. These intentional activities have significantly improved my mood and stress levels during this challenging time, and when I look at my ABC’s to the Greater Self “I- BE INTENTIONAL” card daily, it reminds me to keep on doing them and why!

COVID-19 is giving us an incredible opportunity to slow down, think about what’s important, do some self-analysis, and take aligned action towards the Greater person we want to become. Now is the perfect time on your self-development journey to explore ABC’s to the Greater Self Inspirational Card Deck. Become Your Best Self.

Theresa Bodnar, CAPP, MRT, SME

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