Many of us are so stressed and pre-occupied with our lives that we lose sight of the many opportunities to change ourselves.

The Greater Self was born out of the desire to create brainchanging behaviors that create a happier, healthier life. For 25 years, The Greater Self Founder Cynthia Dougherty, Ph.D., has been passionate about two things: 1. Our brain’s ability to evolve through experiences, and 2. The healing and wellness properties of CBD.

“Our brains change and evolve through our life experiences,” Dr. Cynthia teaches, “and the benefits of CBD help to emphasize those experiences. By exciting the brain, we can change it. The brain is like a muscle, in order to expand its resilience and well-being, you have to work it and treat it with self-care.”

To help share her passion and knowledge about the brain and CBD, Dr. Cynthia started inviting her friends to join her on a new adventure every Friday, testing CBD products and experiences. This ritual evolved into The Greater Self experience, featuring leading-edge CBD products. Only the best and most effective products are included in The Greater Self box and are endorsed by Dr. Cynthia and her team of Experts.